1st Baptism Vancouver Family Photography

Katarina's 1st baptism - August 16, 2018

Peace is the beauty of life.
It is sunshine.
It is the smile of a child,
the love of a mother,
the joy of a father,
the togetherness of a family.
It is the advancement of man,
the victory of a just cause,
the triumph of truth.
– Menachem Begin


“Love is family”

“God sometimes takes us into troubled waters
not to drown us but to cleanse us.”

I recently documented Katarina’s baptism and first birthday at St. Archangel Michael Serbian Church. I have been documenting Sara and Milan’s life milestone since several years ago when they were first engaged and then their wedding, maternity, family and now Katarina’s first birthday and baptism. I would say I am their life photographer and I cannot be more grateful that they have welcomed me into their lives to document all these important milestone.

This is the first time I have attended a baptism (ever!!), so it was a great first experience. Katarina is the cutest baby ever!