Our Story

Our story together began in 2010. Our first date consisted of an all night marathon of movies and long conversations about our favourite restaurants. Both of us with a major passion for creativity lead us to photography.

He proposed one morning by the parking lot of our apartment. He was nervous and decided that was the right time. I said "Yes!" We cried, laughed, and kissed. It was one of the best moment of our lives. On September 7, 2013, in front of our closest family, we became husband and wife.

We believe in love, we believe in telling a good story, we believe in the quiet moments. The ones no one else saw, that meant the world to you. We have made our life about telling those stories, seeing those moments, and leaving the world a little brighter in love.

White Dahlia Studios is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. We are a husband and wife team and our goal is to capture your most precious moments. We have photographed over 100 weddings all around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland and are available to travel worldwide.


My journey into photography began somewhat organically while planning our wedding. I was inspired by the beauty of capturing a wedding with all the intimate emotions amongst family and friends. What started as a passion soon turned into a profession. My goal at every wedding is to create a set of photographs that are timeless and elegantly represents the unique qualities of each couple. My work is a mix between photojournalism and fine art photography. I am currently based in my hometown - Vancouver, British Columbia but will travel worldwide.


Coming from a design background, my language of expression is through visuals. I like to believe that I have an eye for detail and capturing the little nuances in life. And because the truly beautiful things tend to not ask for attention, I find it very rewarding when they are witnessed and captured.

My typical day starts by capturing the groom while he is getting ready. This is one of my favourite events to document - those mixed emotions that come before the big day... be it nervousness, excitement... or fear. I'm always grateful that I can be a part of someones special day!